What Can a Freight Brokerage Company Do for You?

Getting goods from A to B is no easy feat, and with so many delivery services claiming to provide the safest and most secure service at the best possible price, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be particularly difficult. Freight brokerage, often referred to as freight forwarding, offers an array of benefits for individuals and companies looking to transport goods, and as a leading freight broker ourselves, we aim to educate new and existing clients about just how this particular service can make all the difference to your delivery experience.

Here we take a closer look at the role and responsibilities of a freight forwarder, so you can discover whether finding and choosing a brokerage agent of your own is the right step for you, as an individual or for your organisation, and that all important bottom line.

The difference between forwarding and delivery

Unlike companies providing parcel and pallet delivery services, a freight brokerage agent acts as a middle man between the individual or company that needs shipping services and the carrier. Whilst utilising a freight broker may seem like an unnecessary, added cost, there are a number of advantages that go hand-in-hand with utilising freight forwarding, rather than going direct to the delivery provider, particularly if you are an organisation that regularly imports and exports goods.

In addition to fine tuning the logistics of every single delivery, moving goods from your office, home or warehouse space to their final destination, your broker will be able to professionally manage the selection of delicate and often complicated processes that make delivery from one address to another or from one address to multiple locations, possible.

Your freight broker will be able to assist you with:

  • Customs clearance (including the completion of all necessary paperwork and breakdowns of any taxes or duties owed)
  • Insurance
  • Inventory management
  • International logistics
  • European transport and supply chain management.

Your agent will also deal with any documentation issues that arise during transit on your behalf, problems that are commonly associated with delivery nationwide and overseas.

Why use a freight broker?

As well as providing a hassle free, time efficient solution when managing the import and export of goods, utilising the services provided by a freight brokerage company could save you money. Whilst at first glance using a freight broker may seem like an added cost that your company could do without, their knowledge and experience within the transport and logistics market can actually cut your costs. As experts in their fields, freight forwarders have access to a network of specific carriers and multiple modes of transport. While their knowledge of the best routes and complex operations procedures will make the consolidation and transit of goods even easier for you.

Utilising a freight brokerage company however isn’t right for everyone. It may be more cost effective to arrange your own transport if the scale or complexity of your transport needs isn’t particularly intricate. Overall however hiring a freight forwarding service means that you can reap the rewards of a fully managed journey and transport goods safely, reliably and affordably.

Choosing a freight forwarder

When it comes to selecting a freight brokerage company, experience really does make a difference, especially if you intend to ship goods internationally. In addition to having access to a network of carriers and a range of safe and secure delivery methods, a time served broker should also be on hand to provide a fully comprehensive service, especially when it comes to the handling and transport of automotive supplies, high value electronics and fragile goods.