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What is a freight forwarder?

Whether you are a small or a large business, if you export goods overseas, you should invest in a reliable freight forwarder.

Professional freight forwarders work with shippers and transportation services to ensure the safe and quick delivery of goods internationally. Because of their extensive knowledge in international shipping, freight forwarders are able to handle many of the complex paperwork and documentation requirements, which may take an in-house team hours to complete.

Forging strong relationships with key industry leaders

A good freight forwarder will have built strong relationships with all the major shipping and transportation companies, meaning that they will be familiar with work practices and may even be able to get discounts.

Using a trusted freight forwarder will also ensure that your company’s freight is compliant with regulations across different countries, making sure that your freight arrives as quickly as possible with no delays at the dock.

Speed up the delivery process with a trusted freight forwarder

For many companies, having a trusted freight forwarder to oversee the logistics of international deliveries can be a valuable asset, especially if your in-house team are not up to speed with the latest exporting procedures. They can also help to get the best price for transportation and speed up the entire delivery process.

Experienced and multilingual team

At Eurosonix we can provide a complete freight forwarding service which can transport your goods via air, rail, road or sea. We have a team of experienced freight forwarders who can assist and advise you on the best method of delivering your freight, wherever its destination. Our team is multilingual so you can relax in the knowledge that wherever your freight is, it’s accessible and well looked after.

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