Freight forwarder and international shipping

A freight forwarding company you can trust

Providing reliable freight forwarding services that your customers trust takes a lot of effort and experience. Getting a shipment from A to B when A is Aberdeen and B is Baltimore needs a lot of organisation, a variety of shipping methods, and a bunch of cross-dock and customs paperwork to be completed.

Choosing the shipping method depends on a number of factors including price, timescale and type of consignment.  Certain hazardous cargo for instance is unable to be shipped via air and will have to go via the lengthier route of sea, and a heavy pallet will need a specialist collection vehicle equipped with a pallet truck.  In fact, there is so much to think about, it’s not always a case of just collecting the packet, popping it in the back of a van and driving it to the delivery destination.


When choosing a freight forwarding company, you not only need to be assured that they have the experience to handle these requirements, but you need to know that your goods are going to be shipped safely, especially when it comes to high value items.

Here at Eurosonix we believe in treating every shipment, from a small packet to large pallet load, as if it was our very own.  With 20 years’ experience in providing high quality freight forwarding services, we have built a network of trusted delivery professionals that we can rely on to get your shipment from A to B.

Our freight forwarding team will find the best, most cost-effective shipping solution for your consignment via road, rail, air or sea, whether it is a full or part load, hazardous cargo or high value items.  Whatever you need shipping across Europe or further afield, we will arrange everything for you, including completing all of the complicated paperwork.

To find out more about our freight forwarding services, or to arrange your next shipment, please call us on 01543 462447, or email us at