International Freight Forwarding Explained

 International freight forwarding is the arrangement of the transportation of a product from a specific destination in one country to a final destination in another country, be it in Europe or the rest of the world.  Here we take a look at some of the service offerings an international freight forwarding company should provide.

Whether you need a small consignment delivered to France or a full container load to Denmark, you will need to engage a company who can offer freight management and forwarding solutions which ensure your product is delivered safely to the end destination.

A full service international freight forwarding and logistics company will organise suitable transport solutions for you, taking into consideration the type of product, your budget and timescale in which the delivery is required.  Because they are not tied into one particular carrier, they will find the most cost-effective transport solution to meet your needs.

These companies will be able to cover all import and export solutions regardless of where your shipment needs to be.  Using an integrated network of delivery professionals, they will use a variety of shipping methods via air, sea, road and rail.  They will even save you time and money by dealing with all the complicated customs documentation and cross-dock management.

Thanks to great IT innovation, it is now possible to keep track of every shipment wherever it is in the world.  This means that the customer can be kept informed at all stages of the shipping process and will even be alerted via electronic means when the delivery has reach its final destination.

For more than a decade, Eurosonix has been providing international freight forwarding and logistics services to customers in UK, Europe and further afield.  Arranging flexible transport solutions for high-value and fragile products, is what we do best.  If you would like to discover more about our wide range of delivery options, you can find all the information you need on our website.  Alternatively you can contact us on or telephone 01422 387530.