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Groupage shipping that you can rely on

Shipping cargo in containers is a cost-effective solution to getting a large consignment delivered. Unfortunately, it often is only cost effective when shipping a full load.

Groupage shipping, however, is a cost-effective way of transporting cargo via container shipping by filling the container with goods from other companies to make up a full load.  Consolidating a number of shipments within one container means that the cost of the container can be spread between two or more companies.

By shipping one full container rather than several partially full containers also benefits the environment.

Once the container has arrived at its destination, it will be unloaded and the individual consignments separated for onward transportation.

Although a cost-effective way to ship goods to destinations in the UK or overseas the planning process is complex and would be challenging for an individual manufacturer or distributor to organise. This is where a professional logistics company comes into its own.

A specialist will have the expertise and contacts to bring together the various parties to arrange a groupage shipping solution.  They will organise everything, from collection to delivery to your chosen destination – all you need to do is prepare the goods for collection.

As experts in logistics, Eurosonix has a wealth of experience in the importation and exportation of goods via road, rail, air and sea. We will handle everything and provide you with a reliable groupage shipping solution that enables you to keep your costs down.

If your business regularly sends goods to customers in the UK or further afield, we can be that missing link in your supply chain, ensuring that your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition – keeping your customers happy.

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