European Freight Management – What Do You Need to Consider?

Transporting and distributing for international trade has been a hot topic for as long as we can remember. For businesses looking to transport goods from the UK into Europe, or vice versa, there is much to consider, particularly when it comes to fulfilling your legal obligations and meeting your own goals as an organisation.

As a specialist European freight forwarding service we understand the international trade distribution process more than most. We are always on hand to provide the latest information in regards to distribution by road, rail, air and sea, alongside details of the regulations that go hand-in-hand with freight management. Here we highlight the factors every organisation should consider when transporting pallets, part loads and full loads to Europe.

Your needs matter

Assessing your needs for international trade is an excellent starting point, particularly if you are looking to unlock transit options on a regular basis. There are a number of factors that will influence your experience, including your business goals, the destination country and the types of goods you wish to import or export.

Your transport options

Whilst considering your transport needs you are certain to uncover that there are a variety of transport methods available to you when enlisting a European freight forwarding service. Goods can be transported to, from and around Europe by road, rail, air or sea. However cost and benefits can vary dramatically, with the size and weight of the goods you wish to distribute playing an integral role in your option choice.

Your freight manager

Whether you are a small or start-up company wishing to make your mark in your respective sector, or a large corporation looking to climb even higher, outsourcing your cargo to a partner that specialises in European freight forwarding is a must.

Selecting and managing a freight forwarder isn’t easy. Make sure you choose a provider that is fully accredited by relevant professional bodies (such as the British International Freight Association), offers a range of services and is highly experienced within the European freight forwarding field.

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