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Compare your logistics at the click of a button

From comical opera singers to meerkats with Russian accents, or even men in high heels, it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that there is a price comparison site for almost anything these days.  Whether it’s home insurance, utilities, or holidays, there is a website that can compare the various tariffs, charges and costs of a range of services that we all rely upon.

Saving you money is just one of the benefits that the Eurosonix Price Portal brings companies who are looking for a reliable courier service.  This parcel comparison site enables customers to compare delivery prices of the top four international courier companies to get you the best deal.

Booking a courier service has never been so easy

This easy to use service enables businesses to save time and money.  Instead of telephoning several different courier companies, by entering just a few details into the user-friendly website, you can find the best courier company for your needs.  This could mean getting the most competitive price, or finding the company who can collect and deliver your parcel to best meet your timescales.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can streamline all of your logistics requirements without breaking into a sweat.  The Price Portal enables you to receive multiple quotes for multiple services including importing and exporting goods.

Not only is it simple to book your delivery online, the Price Portal also provides a full tracking capability so you can keep an eye on your goods throughout their journey.  Added to these benefits, we also offer stress-free and timesaving functions such as full order history records and address book management with a mail merge function, so the Price Portal makes it easy for you to send your goods to customers anywhere in the world.

Start saving money today

If you would like more information on our Price Portal, telephone us on 01422 387530 at any time, day or night. Or if you would like to request a login to access the Portal and start comparing courier prices, please email us at logins@eurosonix.co.uk