Stop Using Multiple Logistics Companies

There’s a good chance that you are using two or more different logistics companies to supply you with a range of services.  A courier service to deliver small packages, another company to deliver a pallet to a customer in the UK, and an international freight forwarder to deliver goods to a customer in the far reaches of the European Union, or even further afield.

Just think how easy, and how much time and money you could save, by stopping using multiple logistics companies and letting one company handle all of your logistics requirements for you.

There are many benefits of streamlining all of your logistic requirements into one.  These include:

  • You may believe that by telephoning several suppliers will get you the best deal, but that is not always the case. Eurosonix works with a network of delivery professionals across the UK, Europe and beyond, which means that we have the ability to get you cheaper rates than you could achieve yourself.
  • We understand logistics inside out. We have the experience and knowledge to find the best transport solution to meet your requirements, ensuring that your delivery gets to its destination when you need it to, and at the best price.
  • Dealing with one company means that you can build a working relationship with one person. We are able to provide a dedicated service with a constant communication line, so you can always be kept in the loop throughout the entire journey, from collection to delivery.  What’s more, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we are always on hand should you to speak with someone.
  • It always pays to keep your accounts department happy, and with only one supplier for all your logistics, that means your accounts team only have to deal with one invoice!


Details of our range of services can be found by browsing our website. However, if you would like to discuss your logistics requirements, please call us on 01422 387530 or email us at