Trust in total freight management

Your customer has placed the order, the goods have been prepared for shipping, and then you get to the hard part… how do you get the goods to your customer, especially if that customer is overseas?

Why not put your trust in a company that can offer you a total freight management solution for all of your shipping needs?

A total freight management company does much more than just choosing the best shipping method for your goods.  They will know how to comply with the various international laws and regulations surrounding the transportation of imported goods.  Your chosen freight management company will offer a complete service, from arranging collection of the package to delivery and everything else in between, such as providing cross dock management, customs brokerage and transfer between various shipping methods.

They will have access to a proven network of freight carriers across the globe who can provide shipping solutions via air, rail, sea and road.  Regardless of thesize or weight of your goods, full or part load, hazardous or fragile cargo, the right shipping solution will be found to meet your requirements.

Have a deadline you need to meet?  Not to worry, as with a total freight management company they will do all that they can to ensure that your shipment is delivered on time to the right destination.  And to make you more at ease, with the very latest tracking and communication systems, you can be kept informed of exactly where your shipment is at any time.  Once delivered, they will let you know via text or email.

If you put your trust in a total freight management company, they will do all the hard work for you.  No longer will you have to contact various carriers to see if they can collect your shipment, transport it to a different location for onward delivery to your designated destination.  Your freight management company will do all of that for you.