The four stages of a perfect courier service

Most of us have experienced that wasted day when you have waited in all day for a collection or delivery by courier who doesn’t arrive.  Or just when you happen to pop out for five minutes, the courier turns up and you have to rearrange your delivery or collection when you get back! 

 You may be surprised to learn that not all courier services are like this. Great courier service providers will turn up when they say they will to collect your package, and will deliver when you need them to (or when your customers need them to).

So what does it take to be the perfect courier service provider?

  1. Customer-focused collections.

Making the customers’ requirements top priority is essential.  As part of this service they will be able to provide short notice collections from anywhere in the UK and Europe for onward delivery, by the quickest means, to the desired delivery address.

  1. Constant communication.

It is important to be available any anytime, day or night, for customers to be able to contact their courier to arrange for a collection and onward delivery, or to have their questions answered.   There will also be many occasions when they will need to know exactly where their delivery is.  Being available 24/7, 365 days a year ensures that customers can rest assured that they can always get hold of their courier, especially when they need to ship an urgent order.

  1. Delivery where and when you need it.

Utilising various modes of transport, it is possible to arrange for a next day delivery service anywhere in Europe.  In some cases the package can be delivered by 10am, making it easy to fulfil your urgent orders.

  1. Confirmation of delivery.

With modern technology that includes sophisticated satellite tracking, it is now possible for customers to know exactly where their parcel is at any point in the delivery schedule.  And as soon as the parcel has been delivered, the sender will be informed of its arrival by text or email.


This type of service keeps the courier’s customers happy, and their customers happy.

Eurosonix provides a cost-effective, timely courier service throughout the whole of Europe and throughout the rest of the world.  To find out more about the services we offer, please browse our website further or get in touch by completing the form on our contact page.