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Part Load Shipping

If you are one of the many manufacturers, distributors or retailers that regularly ship part loads, you will know just how expensive it can be if you don’t spend time to organise the best shipping rates. However, who has time to contact several logistics companies to a) find a company who can handle your shipment, and b) at a cost that doesn’t leave you out of pocket?

Shipping part loads, however, doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant fees or spend hours out of your day to arrange the shipment.

A full-service logistics company will have experience across the board – from parcel delivery to expedited shipping, freight forwarding to groupage shipping. They will have the contacts and the experience to arrange the most cost-effective shipping solution for your requirements, regardless of the size of load.


Part load shipping without the hassle

At Eurosonix, we will tailor our shipping solutions to meet your particular requirements. If you need a part load shipped from A to B, anywhere in the world, we can find you the best shipping solution and at a cost that suits your budget.

Groupage shipping is the most cost-effective way of shipping part loads. Groupage shipping consolidates a number of shipments within one container or lorry.  By creating a full load, the cost can be divided between more than one company.

By consolidating several part loads, not only are the companies who are shipping their goods saving money, they are also doing their bit for the environment too!


Delivery how you want it

We are experts in all areas of logistics.  We work with a team of logistics professionals across the globe to ensure that we can always find the best way of shipping our customers’ goods from A to B. Part load shipping, next and same day parcel deliveries, freight forwarding – whatever you need shipped, wherever you need it delivered, we can help.

Call at any time – day or night – 365 days a year on 01543 462447, or email us at for a fuss-free, flexible and reliable part load shipping solutions.