Logistics for the entertainment sector

As specialists in all areas of logistics, Eurosonix is the first port of call when companies in the entertainment sector need to get their equipment from A to B. Wherever they need their high-value cargo shipped from and to, we have the right connections to get it done – safely, reliably and fuss-free!

As the saying goes…the show must go on! Late arrival of tour equipment or stage props could mean a cancelled performance and a very unhappy audience.

24/7 logistics that you can rely on

With decades of experience in logistics and an operation that never sleeps, we will ensure that lighting rigs, sound equipment, staging costumes, film and stage props, musical instruments, and even merchandise will arrive at its required destination, when it is supposed to.

Whether you need equipment shipped to an outdoor festival, a one-off event, or to a number of destinations for a touring production, we are able to provide you with a time sensitive shipping solutions that meets your exact needs – and budget.

Nothing is too big or awkward that we can’t get from A to B, however tight the deadline.

Trust the specialists the transportation of goods for the entertainment sector

Our large network of trusted delivery professionals specialises in the transportation of high-value and fragile equipment for the entertainment sector. We can guarantee that your equipment will be delivered safely and securely to any destination here in the UK or further afield.

For more information on our logistics services for the entertainment sector, or if you would like to discuss shipping requirements for your next tour or production, please give us a ring today on 01543 462 447, or email us at info@eurosonix.co.uk. Alternatively, complete your details on our contact form and we will get back to you.