Global Shipping Services: Your Parcel’s Journey from A to B

Getting your parcel from your home or business premises to its final destination is no easy feat, and whilst companies like Eurosonix have honed their logistics and expanded their networks to make the world’s most unreachable places accessible understanding the process can really put things into perspective. 

Here we reveal the journey that every parcel sent via a global shipping service takes and how you can find a dependable overseas delivery solution for yourself.

Planning ahead

From Eurosonix’s Midlands, Yorkshire and Cheshire based branches, the delivery process begins. Their multi-lingual, highly experienced team have the skills and contacts to plan every aspect of your global shipping service, from arranging all the necessary paperwork needed to get your parcel to the destination of your choosing to overseeing complex cross-dock management and customs brokerage processes if required.

The transit process

Various factors are considered to fine-tune the transit process for your specific delivery, and whether a complete logistics solution is possible by air, rail, sea, road or a combination of transport methods, giving customers like you an insight into the status of the parcel is important.

As well as Eurosonix’s Midlands, Yorkshire and Cheshire teams being contactable day and night to update you, the latest technology is used to ensure real time delivery information is available every step of the way.

Your global shipping service

If you have a parcel that you are looking to send overseas, finding a reliable and reputable delivery company that can manage the process on your behalf is vital.

Always choose a global shipping service that has a proven track record throughout Europe and the rest of the world to harness a professional service with flexible international logistics at its core, whether you wish to ship personal belongings or goods instrumental to your business.