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Pallet Delivery

Finding a reliable and professional pallet delivery service can often be difficult.  For a start, there’s the time spent contacting various suppliers, only to find the one that offers the best price isn’t able to deliver to your schedules.

Some companies may claim to provide a comprehensive logistics service covering all types of deliveries, but when you contact them they do not have the capability to handle pallet deliveries, whether multiple, single or half-loads.

To handle pallet deliveries, the delivery vehicles tasked with collection, transport and delivery must be equipped with a pallet truck (some have the capacity to transport their own mini fork lifts) to transfer the pallet to and from the vehicles.

If you need your pallet(s) to be delivered to a destination overseas, it can be difficult to find a logistics company that will arrange for collection and then transport via road, rail, sea or air, as well as being able to handle all of the cross-dock and customs paperwork for you.

Eurosonix are experienced in every aspect of logistics, from a simple courier service to the next county, to the delivery of high value palleted goods to Australia. We have the expertise and a network of trusted delivery professionals to ship any type of cargo anywhere in the world.

We can arrange cost-effective shipment of multiple, single or half pallets, ensuring that they get to their destination on time. We will even deal with all of the paperwork for you – all you have to do is give us a call.

From collection to delivery and everything else in between, our team of logistics professionals will arrange everything. For more information, or to speak to us about your pallet delivery, please give us a call on 01543 462447, or email us at info@eurosonix.co.uk.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are always available should you need us.