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Send high value goods – no fuss!

We understand that feeling of anticipation when sending high value goods. How can I ensure that they don’t get lost? How can I guarantee they arrive in the same condition as they left?

Two ways you can help ensure the safe and timely delivery of your valuables is to package it correctly and use a trusted high value goods courier service.

It might seem obvious but man people forget to follow simple steps such as using a strong box for their valuables. So we suggest you should follow these tips to ensure that your delivery is packed properly:

  • Use a clean and strong box. If you have a heavier shipment, double wall boxes are recommended. A good way to prevent breakages is to wrap items individually and place in the centre of the box away from the corners, where they might get damaged.
  • Fill in the remainder of the box with packaging chips to protect the items inside.
  • Secure parcels with tape three times in different directions to improve the parcel’s structure.
  • Label correctly and ensure your parcel is sealed sufficiently.

For our couriers, your parcels are as important to them as they are to you, and take particular precautions to handle them with care. Our team of experienced couriers are able to transport your high value goods across Europe, picking them up at a  time to suit you and arriving at your desired location, no fuss. And because we have 24/7 communication with our courier team, we can give you an update on the whereabouts of your delivery whatever the time, giving you piece of mind that your high value goods will be delivered quickly and safely without stress.

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