LTL pallet deliveries and freight shipments handled with care

Not all pallet deliveries and freight shipments can be a full load.  Often these types of logistics services end up being less than a truckload, otherwise known as an LTL delivery, and can be very costly.

LTL deliveries are traditionally expensive and can be time-consuming to manage, which is where a logistics company like Eurosonix can help.  As experts in logistics, working with a network of carriers and shipping professionals, we can help customers keep costs down whilst getting the shipment to its destination on time.

With many years’ experience of importing and exporting goods, we have the capability to offer a range of logistics solutions, which includes shipping part-pallet loads and smaller freight shipments.  Our freight forwarding and shipping capabilities stretch across road, rail, air and sea, so we can always find a cost-effective method for any size of shipment.

This is an essential part of any company’s supply chain. Finding the most cost-effective solution for the delivery enables companies to keep their costs down and keep their customers happy, as well as ensuring that they have their stock delivered when it’s needed.  This is why it is important to choose a company, like Eurosonix, who you can trust to arrange collections and deliveries that meet your exact requirements – whether that’s cost, timescales, or both.

We put our customers first. We are available 24/7, so whenever you need to arrange a collection or delivery, we are on hand to get it done.  We will ensure that your shipment is delivered on time and in exactly the same condition as when it left you.

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