Getting Your Pallet from A to B

At Eurosonix we have built an enviable reputation as a leading provider of professional parcel delivery solutions but as experts in our field we understand that not all goods come in a standard box. Our pallet delivery service ensures cargoes of all shapes, sizes and specifications can be transported quickly, reliably and affordably, whichever part of the world your business takes you.

From single pallets to full loads

Thanks to our unrestricted access to a wide range of transport methods we can get your palletised goods to destinations throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Depending on your requirements, budget and cargo type we can transport via air, rail, road or sea so your delivery can be made on time and in full.

In addition to being well-versed in the benefit that each and every transit method unlocks for our customers, we also actively advise on and undertake deliveries of specialist goods, including those classed as high value or fragile, making us a firm favourite for clients in the automotive supply and electronics markets. Whatever industry sector you call home, our team of logistics professionals can help you find a pallet delivery option that fits.

A complete service

Here at Eurosonix our service doesn’t end as soon as you say goodbye to your pallet, to ensure the quality our customers have come to expect we work with you consistently until your goods reach their destination. The journey begins with our customer care team who provide impartial guidance and dedicated support regarding the best route for your full or part load. Once your pallet is on its way, our team can provide you with up to date information throughout the entire process, details that are available around the clock courtesy of the innovative, real time technology we utilise in-house. You will also receive an email or text as soon as your pallet arrives at your chosen location.

The customs procedure, which can be particularly complex for those unfamiliar with the legalities of logistics, is also fully taken care of. We deal with all the paperwork and documentation so you don’t have to.

Contact us today

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