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Choosing an express delivery service for your goods

It is important for any company, in any industry, involved in the manufacture or supply of products to their customers that their goods are delivered on time and in the same condition as they left their premises.  But how do you choose from the many express delivery service providers available?

Choose a company with a great reputation

Not all delivery companies offer the same level of service.  It makes most sense to choose a company who has a great track record in providing a fast, safe and reliable service across the length and breadth of Europe.

Find an express delivery service that actually delivers on its promises

How many times have you been promised an express delivery service, with the guarantee of a next day delivery, but that just wasn’t the case?  When a company says it will deliver by the very next day, you need to be sure that they will keep their end of the bargain.  Your business may depend on it.

Knowledge is the key

To provide a guaranteed express delivery service throughout Europe, it is important that the company understands the requirements of each individual country.  Look for a company whose staff have the right knowledge and language skills to guarantee effective communication to ensure that your load will arrive safely at the correct destination and on time.

 Having trouble finding out where your shipment is?

You have chosen an express delivery service, but are now left frustrated because you don’t know where your shipment is and whether it has been delivered!  Many companies now offer integrated IT network tracking solutions for shipments, so they will know exactly where your delivery is at any given point in time.  These companies will also provide you with a text or email when the delivery has reached its required destination.

Eurosonix is one of the UK’s leading freight forwarding and logistics management companies providing a premium express delivery service throughout Europe.  With guaranteed delivery schedules and a network of experienced delivery professionals, they will ensure your delivery gets to the right destination at the right time.

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